Posted on June 2, 2010 by Jennifer Pointer


This week, we're discussing the online job search.  Yesterday, we talked about some things you need to do immediately if you're searching for full or part-time employment, in preparation for job interviews.  What if you've either been laid off, or are facing a potential lay-off, and aren't sure what you want to do next?  In most cases, there is a period of transition from one job or career to another.  Here are some resources to assist with that transition:


Unemployment Insurance


In many states, those laid-off or fired from employment can apply for unemployment benefits online.  A list of state unemployment offices is HERE, and additional information about filing for unemployment can be found HERE.


Education and Skills Training


Most job transitions require either an update of current skills, or re-training.  The Federal Government has educational assistance available for the unemployed; for details, click HERE.  Also see the Office of Personnel Managemnt: Career Transition Resources


Also, search online for "free technical training online," and you might find ways to update your skills for free. Try, or, or for example.


Freelance, Part-Time


Mashable has some great resource lists for anyone wanting to supplement their income or their job transition with part-time freelance work.  See 85+ Tools & Resources for Freelancers and Web Workers (Scroll down to the "Job Listings and Opportunities" section), and Career Toolbox: 100+ Places to Find Jobs.


Career Counseling


Search online for 'free online career counseling," and you'll find a plethora of free online counseling resources. (a project of Career Builder), and give free KSA (knowledge, skills, aptitude) tests for those wanting help figuring out what to do next, or what to be "when they grow up." 



 Also see:  Basic Technical Skills you need, No Matter what You're doing Online



Jennifer PointerJennifer Pointer (e-mail) is a trainer and tech writer in Tulsa, OK. She promotes a simple, a low-tech approach to effective online profile management, search engine optimization and social networking. Her weakness is the mocha frappuccino.

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