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Well, the hot tweet of the week was apparently one by The U.S. Secret Service, bashing FoxNews.  If you're like me, you're asking why the Secret Service is on Twitter to begin with.  Doesn't this sort of negate the whole "secret" part of the secret service?


Apparently not.  The agency also has a website (mostly dedicated to recruitment).  The Twitter account (@secretservice) normally focuses on distributing news from other US government agency websites, and, also, recruitment.


Oh, and that tweet about FoxNews?  Apparently that happened because their social media manager was trying to update his own Twitter feed, but forgot he was still logged on as the U.S. Secret Service. (D'oh!)  Yeah, that person isn't tweeting for the Secret Service anymore.  Mashable recommends avoiding this problem by using different browsers for business and personal use.  I actually recommend logging on as an entirely different user for each client - especially if you managage multiple online profiles.  There are only so many browsers, after all.


So, does the Secret Service frequently monitor cable news?  Apparently, yes, according to what Ed Donovan of the agency told The Daily Caller:


“Here’s the thing...This is the public affairs office. We have employees that watch TV during the day, watch the news stations during the day for stories that affect the Secret Service.”



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