Posted on August 17, 2017 by Julie Short

Are you paying attention to the relationship between your email campaigns and your web traffic? Done right, email marketing can be a highly effective tool to cultivate leads and keep long-term clients engaged with your website. Here are several ways that this kind of marketing might be impacting your website performance—for good or bad!

#1 Getting More Clicks to Your Site
Each email you send provides an opportunity for you to engage readers and invite them to visit your website. It’s important to be consistent about including a call to action in each email, because it’s going to take a lot of emails for the results to add up. Click through rates from email marketing have declined in the past decade. According to, email marketers could count on about a 3.5% click rate in 2011. By 2015, that rate fell to less than 2%. That doesn't mean you should stop bothering with email (because the folks who do click through are prime candidates for conversion). It does mean that it’s going to take more ingenuity on your part to improve those click through numbers.

What can you do to boost your click rates and drive more traffic with your email marketing? Obviously, delivering relevant and engaging content via email is the foundation. But there are other tactics that might help as well. also shared this interesting fact: email marketing campaigns with a high number of links deliver the best click through rates. According to their data, campaigns with 1-10 links have a click rate of about 1%. That rate jumps to 2.6% for campaigns with more than 20 links. Build a robust campaign with a series of emails that let you experiment with linking to a wide variety of pages on your site. Segment the emails so that each campaign includes the links that are relevant to each target audience or buyer persona.

#2 Increasing Your Rate of Repeat Traffic
RVR or Return Visitor Rate is an important measure of the health of your website. Email marketing encourages prospects and current customers to visit your website frequently to learn, explore, or shop. In general, the more times a user visits your website, the higher the acquisition rate.

What’s a good RVR? Opinions vary, but thirty percent is a healthy return visitor rate according to sources like Contently. Less than ten percent indicates that you aren’t giving people sufficient reason to come back for more. On the other hand, if RVR is very high (especially if overall traffic to your site isn’t high) you probably need to focus more on obtaining new visitors. One way to do this with email marketing is to include content that’s shareable. Recipients can forward this content to people in their network and drive those new viewers to your site.

#3 Ruining Your Website Reputation!
That’s right, this can happen if you aren’t conscientious about how you curate your email marketing list. If you get it wrong, you may impair your ability to run any email campaigns associated with your website at all. When enough people mark your messages as spam—or if you send out bulk emails that look suspicious to mail delivery services, your email server’s IP address or even your web domain name may be blacklisted.
This can happen due to circumstances outside your control (even MailChimp got their URL blocked by mistake in their early days). But it’s usually the result of mistakes like the following:

  • Adding people to your list without obtaining their permission
  • Sending too many emails in a short time period
  • Emailing content that is irrelevant or overly “salesy”
  • Waiting so long between emails that recipients forget they signed up for your email list

Using a double opt-in process, sending content that’s highly targeted to interest your recipients, and keeping in touch regularly are good ways to reduce your chances of being considered a spammer.
You should also avoid the types of actions that make email delivery services mark your messages as spam or block you entirely. FulcrumTech has a good article about best practices to avoid the dreaded spam filter. Remember, if your emails aren’t getting through at all, then your website performance will suffer from the loss of all those clicks from people who really want to engage with you!

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