Posted on September 14, 2010 by Jennifer Pointer

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In it's continuing quest to be the only store left in the world, Wal-Mart has now thrown its hat into the wireless provider industry.  Yes, I know, I know, you've been able to get a wireless phone there for a long time, and on, you've been able to order wireless service from several providers for a long time. 


But now, according to a press release this week, Wal-Mart has now branded its own wireless service.  (Ok, technically, it's through Verizon, but Wal-Mart has managed to strike a deal to stick its brand, Wal-Mart Family Mobile on it.)  The service will be available beginning September 20th:



Data plans are also easy and affordable with Walmart Family Mobile. Activated accounts come with a free preloaded 100MB WebPakTM — which provides access to the internet — for every line of service. The WebPakTM is shared among all lines on an account and unused data never expires. Additional WebPakTM refill cards are purchased upfront in stores or online at, ensuring there are no overage fees or monthly data fees. The WebPakTM can also be used to make international calls to several countries for as low as 5 cents per well as download ringtones, games and other apps.


More information about Walmart Family Mobile will be available later this week online at


Also see Mashable: Wal-Mart Debuts Its Own Branded Wireless Plans




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