Why Custom App Development and B2B E-commerce Go So Well Together Part 1

Posted on September 19, 2019 by Leslie Brewer

Hands_writing__paper_pen_laptopThe market for B2B e-commerce is booming. Regardless of industry, companies rely on other organizations to provide the services and products to their customers. This relationship between businesses is ripe with opportunity – after all, e-commerce sales can be made more efficiently and more profitably when a custom app is used. The added convenience of placing orders online is the icing on top for busy entrepreneurs. 

Of course, there are challenges to face when marketing to businesses instead of the end consumer. Business owners think differently when making decisions for their organizations, which requires a more complex sales approach. With stiff competition waiting in the wings, relationships with prospective clients become more important than ever before. 

In order to nurture those relationships and stay a step ahead of your competitors, you’ll want to invest in a custom application for your B2B e-commerce business. Here’s why:

Unique Challenges Demand Unique Solutions

The beauty of a custom app is that it’s designed with the exact needs of the client in mind. Say you’re supplying customer support services for online clothing boutiques. While a store could select an off-the-shelf style package that solves some of their challenges, they’re more likely to go with the company that offers specific solutions to their specific issues. Designing a custom app that features both front and back-end support for business owners as well as their customers is sure to put you ahead of your competition.

Streamline the Orders, Streamline the Business

In order to stay competitive, online retailers demand fast shipping and constant restocks. Lost shipments and delayed orders are a recipe for disaster for any business, but when an online boutique is operating on the thinnest margins possible, the impact is even greater. Custom app development is the solution. Automated tools help busy entrepreneurs track warehouse inventory, make purchases from production facilities, and ensure deliveries are made on time. The oversight of the process is second to none. 

Order fulfillment challenges occur in virtually every industry, but the pressure is felt even more intensely by online retailers. Save your customers time, money and stress by offering a custom app to track every step in the supply chain. It’s never been easier to streamline the process or to stay abreast of progress.

It’s All In The Details

When a customer orders a t-shirt from an online boutique, they expect a quality piece of clothing delivered on time. Simply delivering on this expectation, however, won’t earn much repeat business. In order to win the business of brand-loyal customers, you’ll need to gather as much information about them – and the process they go through when shopping – to entice them back to the site.

This is where a custom B2B e-commerce app can come into play. Such a tool can collect valuable data on the customers ordering from the boutique. Stakeholders can then use these insights to make marketing decisions and develop more informed sales strategies. Generic software doesn’t typically offer such tools.

If you’re hoping to make your e-commerce business more efficient, WebRevelation can help. We pride ourselves on taking your company to the next level – find out how we can support your goals by contacting us now at 817-283-3324 or fill out a form online.

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Software Upgrades: Obtaining Management's Buy-In Part 2 of 2

Posted on September 5, 2019 by Leslie Brewer

Employees, working, discussing topics on post-it notesIn our previous blog post, we discussed a few strategies to convince management that a software upgrade is a worthwhile endeavor. Read part one here, or check out a few more tips below. 

Demonstrate the Impact of a Software Upgrade 

Even after seeing evidence that software is not working as intended, managers may not see the urgency of the issue. To get the results you want, you’ll need to show the long-term impact of maintaining the status quo versus upgrading. 

By focusing on bottom-line benefits in your demonstration, you’ll easily snag the attention of busy supervisors. Is your payroll software taking twice as long as it used to when calculating tax deductions? How much time is it wasting each month? Is the problem getting worse? How much time could be saved with an upgrade? Compare the cost of the software upgrade to the costs associated with malfunctioning tools. So long as the benefits clearly outweigh the drawbacks, it’ll be easy to convince management of your argument.

Communicate in Layman’s Terms

Business owners hire employees to support their goals, but they also build a staff to make up for what they potentially lack. Chances are good that you were brought in for your years of experience and technical know-how. When listening to your proposition about why a software upgrade is necessary, your supervisor may feel out of their depth. Some may admit they don’t understand the inner workings of software applications. This is the perfect opportunity to educate them with easy-to-understand terminology.

If you’re hoping to convince your boss to make upgrades, communicate your needs in layman’s terms. Executives won’t necessarily grasp the technical shortcomings of a given application. Rather than speak techno-babble they barely understand, explain in plain terms why you need an upgrade. Leave the details to your data presentation and your plans for implementation.

Get the Government to Pay for Upgrades

It’s hard to say no to a software upgrade when it costs you nothing. Businesses large and small can take advantage of federal grants for software upgrades. The Small Business Innovation Research Fund was specifically designed to help boost the technological efforts of American companies. Their grants help fund countless new software development plans each year. Depending on your industry, you may be eligible for such a grant. 

Use public money to develop your next software upgrade. Stakeholders will love that you’ve taken initiative, and it’s hard to resist free money!

Call in Reinforcements

If you’re having trouble making a compelling argument for an upgrade, reach out to the WebRevelation team today. Making the case for an investment like this isn’t always easy, but our staff of programmers can help guide the fact-finding mission required to convince your supervisor. Allow us to help you understand the stakes, risks and rewards before you present your case to management. Call us at 817-283-3324 for a complimentary consultation or complete this form.

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Software Upgrades: Obtaining Management's Buy-In Part 1 of 2

Posted on August 22, 2019 by Leslie Brewer

computer_screen_softwareThere are a few tell-tale signs that you need a software upgrade. That report you ran before leaving the office last night? It doesn’t have the most recent data included. Apps that crash when you need them most? They won’t cut it long-term. Neither will any application that creates more problems than it solves.

Even when the signs are clear, management is often hesitant to make upgrades. Sometimes, convincing your supervisor to invest in a new software development program is an uphill battle. It happens frequently when stakeholders prioritize other needs while shifting the outdated software challenges to the back burner. Those tough decisions are management’s responsibility to make, and there are ways frontline employees can help ease the headache from their management team.

The impact of these broken, outdated tools can be felt throughout your organization. They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Use these tips to squeak a little more eloquently the next time you’re in need of an upgrade:

Let the Data Speak For Itself

Managers everywhere love data. No matter your industry, you’ll need hard numbers to support your request for a software upgrade. When weighing the pros and cons of such an ask, management will be more likely to respond positively if you have evidence of current issues. 

When possible, try to link the malfunctioning software to hidden expenses. If productivity is down and billable hours are being wasted because of the outdated apps, it’s easy to justify an upgrade. By outlining the ways in which your business is being held back by old software, you’ll bolster your argument in the most logical way possible.

Find Your Allies

Your boss has a lot on his/her plate. It comes naturally with leading a team. When you come to them with a request to bring your software into this century, they may deny your proposal due to budgetary restraints or for reasons you’re not privy to know. 

It’s easy, after all, to say no to one person or development team. It’s much more difficult to shoot down a request for updated software when it comes from multiple parties. This is why it’s so important to educate your colleagues about the impact an app is having on their workload. Requests seem more credible when they’re coming from multiple people, and your co-workers may actually have an argument to employ that you hadn’t considered.

Map Out Your Plan

The phrase “new software development plan” can send shivers down a manager’s spine. Depending on how familiar they are with the intricacies of technology your suggestion to upgrade software could inspire a gut reaction. Visions of vendor research and number crunching might dance through their head. It’s enough to scare off even the most easy-going manager.

If you’re serious about getting the upgrades you want, develop a thorough plan that answers questions before they’re asked. By taking the guesswork out of next steps, you’ll be on the road to yes.

Contact WebRevelation to help your business with custom software solutions. WebRevelation has more than a decade of experience helping businesses just like yours with custom designed software. Call us today at 817-283-3324 or fill out this form and we will get back to you within one business day. 

Part 2 of this article will be posted on Thursday, September 5th, 2019. Check back then!

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Even More Ways to Create the Future with Custom Software Solutions

Posted on August 8, 2019 by Leslie Brewer

Man pointing to paper working at deskIn part one of this series, we outlined the reasons for upgrading off-the-shelf software to custom versions. In this second piece, we’ll be exploring a few more ways custom software can your team create the future you imagine. There are very few occasions in life where you’ll need to order a bespoke suit or customized gown. Aside from your wedding day, there just aren’t many occasions where you’d need an outfit so tailored to your body. For many consumers, buying off the shelf is more practical and more affordable. While the off-the-rack version might not be as perfectly fitted as a bespoke alternative, it’ll get the job done.

This mindset bleeds over from our personal lives into our professional attitudes. We shrug off options for customized tools and resources, opting instead for the next best version – something designed for the masses, not for our personal use. Many wrongly assume that custom software is expensive and unnecessary, blindly accepting the most popular one-size-fits-all option on the market.

Instead of accepting the status quo, create the future you’ve always imagined with the help of custom software solutions. Here are a handful of
ways to do just that:

Scale Your Business, Scale Your Software

An unpredictable economy can make it difficult to know whether your business will grow or shrink in the next five years. Flexibility is key, but off-the-shelf software has limits on just how much it can bend. If you’re hoping to scale your business, you’re going to want custom software that can meet the demands of a constantly evolving industry. With custom solutions, you’ll be able to create tools that meet current standards while staying on the cutting edge of future technology.

Analyze Patterns and Prepare for Anything

The flexibility of custom software also allows entrepreneurs to analyze data for a big picture perspective on what lies ahead. By using patterns, trends and information about their customers, companies can plan for the unexpected. Custom software can take this information and help you envision all possible outcomes. Even in the most uncertain of times, a well-written piece of software can help organizations prepare. We may not be able to predict the future, but our software can come close!

Marketing Management for the 21st Century

The one-size-fits-all approach no longer applies to marketing any more than it does to software. In order to attract new customers to your brand, you’ve got to edge out the competition and target specific groups. By leveraging consumer data, it’s easy to hone in on the ideal buyer and chart their journey from initial engagement to satisfied customer. Of course, tracking this kind of information on a grand scale requires custom software. While you might be tempted to rely on old, outdated platforms to accomplish this goal, you’ll streamline your process by creating efficient software designed with your needs in mind.

No matter your goals, Web Revelation can help your team develop the kinds of revolutionary custom software necessary for success. The future is yours for the taking – design the tools to help get you there faster. Contact WebRevelation online or at 817-283-3324 and we can step you through the details of creating custom software based on your business needs.

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Creating the Future with Custom Software

Posted on July 25, 2019 by Leslie Brewer

man reading newspaper, group of employees talkingFor most successful businesses, efficiency and profitability are closely connected. The way daily operational tasks are performed can make all the difference between breaking even or turning a profit. By making tweaks to the way your organization runs, you can eliminate inefficiency and see the serious impact it has on your bottom line. For many companies, trading off-the-shelf software for custom software is an easy way to fine-tune operations and increase efficiency.

If you’re looking forward to a future that leverages new technology to produce better results, there’s no better option than custom software. Consider using such tools in the following ways:

Streamline Processes by Eliminating Multiple Pieces of Software

If you’re in sales, you may have one program to handle lead tracking, another to monitor shipping, and another to invoice customers. The man-hours spent simply clicking between these different programs can add up fast, and the learning curve for employees to become fully trained and comfortable with the technology may be steep. By creating custom software for your precise needs, you can eliminate the multi-step process. Design custom software that follows the entire sales journey and keeps all the moving pieces in one place. You’ll see the financial impact of such an investment right away.

Make Daily Operations a Breeze

There is some degree of grunt work in any line of business. Taking inventory, calculating payroll, and invoicing clients isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. These tasks are vital to the success of your business, though, and can’t be avoided altogether. They can, however, be simplified with a piece of custom software. Rather than do menial, repetitive tasks manually, create custom software to make these chores a breeze. With such a tool in place, you’ll have more free time to dedicate to the projects you care most about.

Get Employees On the Same Page

When you’ve got employees spread out around the country, it can be challenging to have them all adhere to the same policies, procedures, and workflows. Since employees from different offices will likely need to access and update information to the benefit of workers in each location, communication is key. Custom software can help keep everyone on the same page. Off-the-shelf software can accomplish some of these goals, but only a custom application can meet all of your communication needs.

Like any tool, software works best when it was specifically designed for the way you’re using it. When every lead needs to be tracked, every contact needs to be monitored, and every employee needs to be looped in, custom software is crucial. Create the future you envision for your company with the help of WebRevelation. Call us at 817-283-3324 to set up a complimentary consultation. 

Check out the second part of this blog post on Thursday, August 8th to learn about even more ways to create the future with custom software.

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Custom Apps: The Sky is the Limit

Posted on July 11, 2019 by Leslie Brewer

cell phone on top of white paperIn part one of our blog series about custom applications, we explored the differences between them and the native apps found commonly on smartphones. While both have their benefits, custom apps are ideal for any organization hoping for specific solutions to specific challenges. Businesses large and small can benefit from a custom app designed with their needs in mind.

But what kind of problems can custom apps solve? How are they different from the apps already found on our phones or computers? Why should anyone bother investing time or money in custom app development? Isn’t custom app creation expensive? 

The answers may surprise – and even delight – skeptical entrepreneurs.

If You Can Dream It...

Imagine you’re a gardener hoping to transform your backyard into a wonderland. Maybe you’re envisioning gorgeous flowers, old oak trees, or a flashy water feature to delight your guests. Whatever your goal, the hardware store down the street may disappoint you. When it comes to creating something unique and wonderful, the options on the shelf are often underwhelming.

Similarly, anyone hoping to solve a problem or build something unique may find off the shelf solutions unpalatable. The good news? With the right collaborators, you can bring your custom app development dreams to life. Custom apps can help with retail sales, customer relationship management, request for quotes or proposals, human resources and more. No matter your goals, we can help you fill in the technological gaps and bring a custom solution to life.

...You Can Build It

Take a hands-on approach with WebRevelation. Our custom-built applications are developed with your specific requirements in mind. We work with the systems you’re already using to integrate new technology with tried and true methods. Not only will this process help bridge old and new tech, but it can also help you align your goals for the future with current initiatives. As you grow, so can your app – scalable solutions are key to any successful custom application.

Perhaps you don’t know where to begin. That’s okay, too. The WebRevelation team can guide you through the process, helping you determine which challenges to tackle first and how best to integrate new technology with old standbys. The custom approach we take to application development can be found in the relationships we build with our clientele, too. Just like our easy-to-use custom apps, the services offered by WebRevelation are affordable and convenient.

Whether you’re a digital native or a begrudging adapter, the difference between native and custom apps is obvious. The only question remains: when will you put custom technology to work for your organization? Learn more about WebRevelation services by calling 817-823-3324 and get started today.

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