Three Detailed Facts About Custom Software Development

Posted on January 3, 2019 by Julie Short

When it comes to custom software development, business owners and executives usually have a lot of questions. That’s because they might be somewhat familiar with the topic, but they tend to not know much about the details.

In other words, they want the savings of time and money that come with having a well-programmed custom software, but they aren’t always sure what to ask for. Or, they may not even know where to begin the process in the first place.

Our team has taken on dozens of custom software development projects over the years, so today we thought we’d pitch in by answering a few of the most commonly asked questions that tend to come our way.

We'll cover the following 3 points in this video:
#1 What’s The Difference Between A Website And Custom Software?
#2 Why Would My Organization Want Or Need Custom Software?
#3 How Can We Get Quality Custom Software Development?

You can read more about custom software development here

Contact the WebRevelation design and development team today and we'll be happy to schedule a complimentary consultation for you. During that time, we'll find out about your project, let you know how we can help, and even give you some advice to use right away. Don’t let the opportunity to save time and money pass you by. Contact our team now to set up a time to talk!  

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WebRevelation Overhauls E-Commerce Platform for Family Owned Storm Shelter Company

Posted on December 20, 2018 by Leslie Brewer

As 2018 comes to a close, the Team at WebRevelation wants to thank our clients and blog readers for another successful year! We are blessed to have new and existing customers who believe in the work we do. We’re excited about all that 2019 has in store for our company as we continue to grow our business. 

It’s clients of ours like Ground Zero Storm Shelters that we were able to help transform their e-commerce business through both a new website and custom web-based application development. Based in Oklahoma, Ground Zero is a multi-generation, family owned and operated business that focuses on providing personal security and natural disaster protection. They prebuild high-end shelters such as outdoor storm cellars, safe rooms, and underground garage storm shelters for customers throughout the country.

Intuitive and Efficient Changes

Ground Zero previously faced numerous challenges with managing their complex pricing structure in the area of tracking and reporting. Like many other companies, they were using spreadsheets to conduct their business rather than relying on easy-to-use, intelligent custom web-based applications. Also, their previous website did not allow the ability for customers to make online deposits, yet those deposits were required for order placement. Overall, there were numerous areas of opportunity for greater efficiency both in technology and a variety of business practices. 

Unfinished Project Challenges

Ground Zero had actually been working with a different developer to make some much-needed changes to their website and ordering processes prior to engaging with WebRevelation. However, as the project evolved and became more complex, the developer couldn’t handle the demand and Ground Zero was left with unanswered questions and an entirely unfinished project. Unfortunately, we have heard of that type of situation happening all too often with other web companies. 

WebRevelation Overhauls Website and Ordering

WebRevelation sprang into action and immediately began working on planning and executing the overhaul of Ground Zero’s website and ordering systems. Streamlining processes and improving efficiency were crucial aspects that WebRevelation made possible. Functionality was added to automatically perform down payment percentage calculations and complicated, zip code pricing. Ground Zero’s site was also integrated with QuickBooks to support more efficient business practices. Additional backend upgrades linked each customer’s notes with their account information for easy reference and implemented reminders to collect any additional information needed to proceed with production and installation. Automated systems were also added for workforce management of installation and warranty teams, allowing work assignments to be made based on availability and worker skill sets. 

Interested in learning more about other companies we have helped? Read more here.

WebRevelation provides complimentary consultations. Whether it’s creating a new website, mobile app, or a web-based custom application, WebRevelation is here to help your business succeed. Contact us today by calling 817-283-3324 or online here

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WebRevelation Enhances Choice Partners’ Website and Applications

Posted on December 13, 2018 by Leslie Brewer

As we continue to look back on WebRevelation’s success with helping businesses succeed in the world of websites and applications in 2018, another company rises to the top of our mind. In 2016 we heard from our friends at Choice Partners, a purchasing cooperative, about the online challenges they were facing. In essence, they had a need to update their website and refine existing processes. Choice Partners serves both government entities and vendors. They provide RFP, procurement, and contract solutions that meet government purchasing requirements.

At the time, Choice Partners was limited with their website functionality in a variety of facets. To begin with, the login process was disorganized and complicated. Most attempted users had difficulty when it came time to submitting questions and receiving answers. By law, Choice Partners was required to make questions and answers public, yet it was not being done successfully. Vendors struggled to sell to government entities via the out-of-date online store.

Even though Choice Partners faced numerous challenges, the agency had the foundation of a solid website and did not need to completely reinvent the wheel. Instead, WebRevelation was able to build upon their current site with custom solutions and improvements. Integrating a new, custom system with the existing one is one way in which WebRevelation was able to save Choice Partners on expenses. A fresh website was designed, which now integrates seamlessly into the coop’s existing RFP system. On the front end, users now experience a unified system. The amount of user headaches decreased drastically thanks to gaining access through a single login to various resource areas. Coop members and vendors can now complete applications online in a simplified manner. Also, the updated portal allows government entities to easily shop approved vendors. That’s not all though. As far as the administrative functionality, Choice Partners has gained the ability to handle bidding questions through a built-in database and to manage, assign, and publish contracts online. Today, Choice Partners is attracting bids from a larger number of experienced vendors.

WebRevelation is dedicated to building modern, user-friendly websites and intelligent application symptoms. We want to help your company thrive, just like we helped Choice Partners. We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss your business needs with you. Call us today at 817-283-3324 to set up a complimentary consultation or complete this form.

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WebRevelation Helps E-Commerce Company Gellco Grow Business Through Custom Software

Posted on December 6, 2018 by Leslie Brewer

It’s December. Although I see the words on the computer screen, I am in absolute disbelief. It feels like yesterday that we were discussing our 2018 goals and vision for WebRevelation during our January staff meetings. Now, as we sit here on a cold winter day in December, we find ourselves thinking back on how much WebRevelation has grown over the last 14 years. Not only that, but we also can’t help reminisce on how we have been an integral part in helping numerous businesses with their own growth and development. 

It’s clients of ours such as Gellco, where we utilized our knowledge and expertise to solve their online problems. Based in Oklahoma, Gellco is an outdoor clothing and footwear supplier for the manufacturing and oil and gas industries, as well as construction businesses. Gellco provides these businesses with durable apparel sold all throughout the United States via the internet. 

Imagine the headache of contract pricing, handling mass quantities of products, and tracking employee spending with each client organization... all on an antiquated spreadsheet. As you can imagine, it was a tedious process. Gellco also lacked a dynamic website, often leaving businesses frustrated and confused during their attempt at online ordering. This is where WebRevelation stepped in. We were able to meet with Gellco to further understand their challenges, which allowed us to create a new, modern e-commerce website capable of handling all aspects of Gellco’s business. Old-fashioned spreadsheets were removed and replaced with an online application. Business intelligence functionality was added to help with sales and marketing, virtual wallets started tracking individual employee spending, and an upgraded system now allows Gellco to set individual pricing for each client. Where they once struggled to keep up with customer demand, Gellco is now thriving in both handling orders and with client retention. 

We’re proud to work with Gellco and many other companies to make their business run smoothly because it’s clear that custom application development can save time and effort for employees, customers and business owners alike. Do you have an e-commerce business that could use our help? Are you ending 2018 feeling like your company website needs a new look and feel? Do you have a need to streamline processes with an intelligent application system? We helped Gellco with numerous aspects of their online business and we can help your company thrive as well. Connect with us to take your business to the next level in 2019. 

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Do Small Businesses Need Custom App Development? (Part 2 of 2)

Posted on November 29, 2018 by Julie Short

This is part 2 of the article, Do Small Businesses Need Custom App Development? You can read it here.

The first section of this blog post discussed how running a small business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you take advantage of the latest technology trends you can find simple and cost-effective ways to operate your company and stay ahead of the competition. Below are some additional challenges and solutions we work with on a regular basis…

Industry-Specific Apps

Document storage isn’t the only major headache for those who work in very specialized industries. For instance, financial companies also have stringent reporting requirements and confidentiality guidelines they have to follow.

When we work with these types of companies, we develop custom software that meets these challenges and presents them with all-in-one solutions. That way they can meet their needs for security and oversight, and do so without having to learn or maintain several different apps.

Advanced E-commerce Tools

Do you sell products or services online? If so then you already know how difficult it can be to find apps that tie together inventory, marketing, and fulfillment. Add in the tools you might need for your specific business (like a real-time currency converter or shipping tracker) and just managing your software can become overwhelming.

We know that our e-commerce clients need to keep their focus on other areas, which is why we develop inclusive apps that combine all these different features into a single affordable solution. That lets a retailer keep growing without spending more than they should on software.

Employee Scheduling and Training

Even in our digital age, managing employees is often the hardest part of running any business. However, that challenge can get a lot easier when you have the right tools for the job.

With custom software that is designed specifically for your company, you can manage things like schedules, payrolls, and even training modules, or benefits. And, with web-enabled apps, you and your team can manage the details from anywhere. That’s a great way to save time and money while keeping your employees on track and working productively.

Custom Mobile Apps

There are literally hundreds of ways a small business might make good use of custom mobile apps. They can enhance communication, offer a dedicated customer interface, or even just plug into the kinds of software we have already outlined.

Business owners are often surprised at how easy and affordable it is to develop a custom mobile app that works on a number of devices and platforms. You probably can’t spend your day fixed to one spot, so why should your software?

Custom Programming Starts With Your Needs

It’s possible that you see one or more possibilities for your small business on the short list of uses for custom software development we have outlined here. Or, it might be that what you really need to help your business move forward is something altogether different. Either way, what’s important to know about our work is that it’s driven by your goals and challenges. Everything we do starts with the discovery process that focuses on what you’re facing and the specific outcomes you hope to achieve.

To learn a bit more, and see what kinds of cost-effective solutions the WebRevelation software development team could come up with for you, contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Do Small Businesses Need Custom App Development? (Part 1 of 2)

Posted on November 15, 2018 by Julie Short

This is part 1 of a 2-part article. Part 2 is now available to be read here.

Small business owners have a lot to think and worry about. Usually, they need to fulfill many roles, chief salesperson, marketer, and manager amongst them. On top of that, they may have to keep an eye on industry trends, customer behavior, and numerous competitors – including other small businesses and national chains.

However, running a small business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, if you take advantage of the latest technology trends you can find simple and cost-effective ways to run your company and stay ahead of the competition.

We know this because we have been helping other business owners just like you to develop and implement custom apps and software for just over two decades. During that time the possibilities have only grown. We can help entrepreneurs do things that would have felt impossible just a decade ago. Even better, we can build custom solutions for much less than our clients tend to expect.

Does this mean your small business could benefit from custom software? It's a question more and more owners are asking themselves, and the answer will depend a great deal on your own needs. To help you find the right answer, today we want to present some of the challenges and solutions we work with on a regular basis…

Specialized Apps and Plug-ins

Sometimes, business owners fret because the software they really need to solve a specific problem simply doesn’t exist. It might be that they have a desire for an unusual application, or that they need a plug-in to add extra features or functions to an existing product.

In either case, custom development can be the perfect answer. A good programming team will help you add on to the apps you’re already using, or if that’s not possible, to design what you need from scratch.

Data Monitoring and Reporting

It’s no secret that better data reporting – a.k.a. business intelligence – can give you a real competitive edge. The more you know about customers, expenses, and market trends, the easier it is for you to make the right plans and investments.

Unfortunately, while it’s easier than ever to gather data, aggregating it and deciphering thousands of points of information can be difficult. That’s where a custom app can make an enormous difference and lead to better decision-making at every level of your company.

Financial Reporting

Any business owner will agree that keeping one eye on the bottom line is an important part of the job. But, how do you keep track of things like inventory, employee hours, and energy costs… not to mention hundreds or thousands of small customer transactions?

The answer for many of our clients is to use specialized financial reporting apps that work as standalone solutions or extensions of existing software products. They let business owners get the detailed financial insights they need, updated continuously in real-time.

Document Storage and Delivery

In certain types of businesses and industries, document storage and retrieval can be an enormous challenge. For instance, some of the medical care providers we work with don’t just have to store charts, prescriptions, and insurance records, but also have to do so in a way that complies with HIPAA guidelines.

Luckily, we can build custom software solutions that don’t just make it easy to save, store, and back up important documents, but also to retrieve them by searching criteria like dates and keywords. That can be a huge time-saver for a busy professional.

Contact our team today to let us create custom solutions that are tailored to your small business.

Eager to read more? WebRevelation will take a break from blogging on November 22nd as we celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, but the continuation of this article can be viewed on Thursday, November 29th.

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