Posted on August 19, 2011 by Jennifer Pointer

If you run a small local business, you already know what advertising a coupon, freebie, or discount can do for your business.  But did you know that offering this same coupon on your website can actually help your website, as well?  It's true - let's count the ways.


Contribute to your social networks.


A coupon is an easy link to post on Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, and Linked-IN.  Make sure your coupon actually offers your network something of value that your contacts will want, and doesn't just appear to be spam.  For example, 10% off of something might be more likely perceived as a sales gimmick, whereas a "freebie," a "BOGO" or a "half-off" offer might more likely be a way to reward your loyal customers who have connected with you online.


Increase traffic from the social networks and search engines.


If you post your coupon or offer on your social networks, and tag it using keywords people are likely to be searching for on Google or the other search engines, you're likely to increase traffic from potential customers.  If you run a local business, be sure to include the name of your city in your offer  and in the tags, and be sure to be very specific when titling your post.


Encourage repeat traffic.


If your website visitors find your offer useful, they may be inclined to add you to their daily feed and/or click on other areas of your website to see what else you have going on.  Make sure it is easy to do both from your coupon/offer page.  You may also want to consider offering something free for subscribing to your blog's feed or newsletter.


Track sales results from your website.


Correctly coding your coupon or offer can help you track just exactly how many sales you are making as a result of traffic to your website.  This can be done through offer "codes," or, for walk-in business, by creating a unique, easily-recognizable coupon just for website customers.


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