Posted on October 31, 2011 by Jennifer Pointer


Well, it's Halloween, and so we must post something scary today, right?  So here we go.


Several weeks ago, I wrote When Nerds Fight, about a famous group of "hacktivists" (activist hackers) named "Anonymous," and another group of hackers that no one knows claiming to be the well-known Anonymous group - and threatening to take down Facebook on Guy Fawkes Day, which is this coming Saturday, November 5th.  The whole event ended in one of those "stupid criminal" events, as most of the world has no idea who Guy Fawkes is or when Guy Fawkes Day is, and thought they should go on Facebook to check to see if their profiles and photos were still there.  The resulting activity really did result in a (brief) Facebook outage in August instead of November. The real "Anonymous" denied responsibility for the attack (usually the group is quite proud of its DDoS attacks, and has no problem explaining exactly who their target was and why). 


So, now it is almost Guy Fawkes Day (for real), and the group has posted a Spanish Language warning on YouTube, which reportedly threatens revenge against a prominent Mexican Drug Cartel for kidnapping one of its members.  According to translators working with The Houston Chronicle, the hacktivists are threatening to, "publish the identities and addresses of the syndicate's associates, from corrupt police to taxi drivers, as well as reveal the syndicates' businesses."  The revenge attack is scheduled for Guy Fawkes Day.


Since the mainstream media has been reporting for some time that the police in Mexico and just about everyone who has not yet been threatened or targeted by the cartel are working for them - it is unlikely that this "threat" will be very effective against a group that was originally trained by the Mexican military, and has demonstrated they have no problem murdering anyone who gets in their way.  If the group really has someone in custody by the cartel, they probably just sealed that poor captive's fate, unfortunately. 


It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  For more information about the history of the hacktivist group "Anonymous," see WikipediaCNET and Neowin have commentary.


Whatever happens on Saturday, be sure to set your clocks back before you go to bed.  It's that time again.


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