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The two hunky hunks in the photo above are Olympic atheletes who competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.   Their names are Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss - I'm not sure who is who - identical twin brothers.  Oddly enough, however, that is NOT  what they are famous for (neither the hunkiness nor being Olympic athletes).  That's also not why I'm discussing them on a tech blog.


No, what they are most known for is suing Facebook.  Why? Because apparently Facebook was originally their least according to them.  You see, they went to school with Mark Zuckerberg, and early on, they gave him this idea, and as the story goes, he was supposed to help them get it going (because they weren't smart enough to do it themselves), but he ended up creating a very similar site without them with some other friends, and that site eventually grew into the now internationally-famous multimillion-dollar phenomenon known as Facebook.  Are you still with me?


So the "Winklevi," as they are now affectionately known, sued Zuckerberg went on to sue Mark Zuckerberg (I don't know how they managed to find time to do that while training for the Olympics), and they actually settled for $130,000,000 in 2008. That's $65,000,000 EACH!  But were they happy with that?


No, they were not happy with that, and have continued to pursue a larger settlement as Facebook has grown and become more valuable.  Today, they were told by the4 ninth circuit that the 2008 settlement would stand.  But they're still not done.  Personally, I think the fact that the one who is tweeting about it on Twitter can't even figure out how to do that correctly speaks volumes.  (Here's the corrected tweet.)


So now, instead of being honored as Olympians, the Winklevoss twins' legacy has been reduced to a meme in the Urban Dictionary:


1. Winklevi

Second place finishers, runner-ups, honorable mentions...basically, all those who just weren't quite good enough.
Do you remember the guy Michael Phelps beat by a split second? He was such a winklevi...




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