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Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice, or all of the above (Oh, and don't forget the New Year!), one thing is certain - you'll probably have a bunch of electronic photos when it's all over.  Back in the old days (circa 1999), we used to slog down to the local drug store, and get all of those pictures developed, so we could mail them to people (actually, my parents still do that - they're so cute). 


But these days, people want to view the photos you have of them online - instantly.  So, what to do?  It's easy.  Here are a few ideas.


Create an album or slideshow on  There are many templates to choose from, to decorate your album or slideshow.  You can then e-mail a link to the presentation to your friends and family.  They'll be able to snag the photos they want to keep.


Upload them securely to Flickr. com.  Flickr has some nifty sofware that allows people to view your photos without "stealing" them.  Ok, this might not be a good option for family members you actually want to SHARE the photos with, but it might be a funny way to annoy your Uncle Harold, who blocked you in the driveway at Grandma's overnight.  Of course, if Uncle Harold is computer-savvy, he'll figure out that he can just make a screen print of your "secure" photo, and then do what he will with it - but we won't tell him.


If most of your friends and family are on Facebook, this is obviously a good place to share your photos.  Make sure the folks in your photos are OK with your tagging them before you use that feature. 


Or, you can get creative, by uploading your photos to a photo editing site, and animating them, or adding captions.  See my post from last Summer on Free Web-Based Photo-Editing Software.





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