Posted on February 14, 2011 by Jennifer Pointer

Sprouting Keyboard


A friend of mine lost a computer keyboard this weekend to a cup of spilled coffee.  Naturally much discussion ensued, including suggestions for what to do with the fried piece of equipment.  My suggestion was one that my co-workers and I did with a keyboard when our boss went off to the World Cup in Germany a few years ago.  (Photo above.)  I got the suggestion from website in 2006, and modified the instructions to:


Take all of the keys off, and put a layer of cotton down, and moisten it with a spray bottle of water.  Sprinkle alfalfa seeds on the cotton, and spray the cotton down again.  Replace the keys, and place the keyboard in an area that gets sunlight. For the next several days sprinkle the whole thing with water and voila!


Some other people have found some very interesting things to do their old keyboards.  Have a look.


Keyboard Rings

From ZedoMax


From Udustar


Keyboard Purse

From Marketing Alternatif


Keyboard Rubik's Cube

From Craziest Gadgets


Keyboard Snake

From Emphasa


Keyboard Shoe

From Instructables




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