Posted on March 8, 2012 by Jennifer Pointer


Shareaholic is a program that tracks web traffic.  It's important to realize that it primarily tracks the web traffic of users that have voluntarily downloaded the app into their web browsers or onto their websites, so it's not a comprehensive account of all web traffic.  The statistics are interesting, however.


Yesterday,  Shareaholic's blog posted February's numbers (shown in the chart above), which show that Google Search and direct traffic (people are clicking in directly by typing the URL in their browsers, or clicking in from feed readers) are still far away the most popular way that people are finding blogs. 


Of the referral services (places where people clicks on links to stories posted by their networks), Facebook is by far at the top. 


The creators of the study have Pinterest fever, just like most of the social media news sites, as we wrote about last month.  The social networks, however, drive a microscopic amount of traffic to most of the websites being tracked by Shareaholic compared to Google Search and direct traffic. 


Remember, however, linkage and traffic to and from the social networks that rank high on Google, ironically, actually helps a website rank higher on Google's search, so it is important not to ignore these valuable resources.  Also, your own traffic results may differ dramatically from those of Shareaholic, whether or not you are using the site. 


What sources have you found to be most useful for driving traffic to your site?

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