Posted on November 23, 2011 by Jennifer Pointer

So it's almost Thanksgiving.  Back in the good ol' days, as soon as everyone had stuffed themselves with Turkey and pecan pie, the guys would retire to the den to watch TV, and the girls would pull out the newspaper ads and start plotting their early morning shopping spree on Friday.  The retailers called it "Black Friday." The girls treated it as a matter of pride - who could get up the earliest, and come home with the most stuff.


Well, actually, that's still happening, and if you really want to, you can even begin your Black Friday shopping at some stores like Wal-Mart and Target and Best Buy. You can even preview their ads online at those links.


About six years ago, an alternative to Black Friday began to emerge as the popularity of online shopping was growing; it was called Cyber Monday.  It was discovered that a lot of people really started their serious online shopping when they got back to their desks at work on Monday morning.  So, the retailers, never wanting to miss an opportunity to make sales, started also marketing to these folks, and have continued to do so over the last several years. 


Of course we all know what happens if too many people log into one website at one time, so over time, the "Cyber Monday" phenomenon has turned into "cyber week."  Cyber week is still a developing concept.  For some retailers, it starts on Black Friday, or even right before Thanksgiving, and for others it starts on Cyber Monday.  Most of the ads run through the next weekend (about 10 days after Thanksgiving).  


For some families, the getting up early on Friday morning after Thanksgiving is a tradition, and a way to get most of their Christmas shopping done early.  And, of course, some people just still aren't comfortable with using their credit cards (or a third-party service like PayPal) online.  But those of us who happen to LOVE shopping online are apt to really get into this cyber-week thing. 


The Santa hat is optional.


Happy Thanksgiving to your and yours from all of us here at WebRevelation!

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