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This week, we are talking about online writing, and discussing resources and ideas for those wanting to write and be read.  Today is for those of you who are good at poetry, or who, like me, aren't necessarily good at it, but maybe enjoy giving it a try now and then, anyway. 


As we mentioned on Monday, it's a good idea to centralize your writing, if possible in one place (as I've done with mine), then link to it, or cross-post from there.  You can do this on your own blog, or on any number of online poetry publishing sites, such as Lulu Poetry, or All Poetry.  One thing that might be helpful about a site that is specifically for publishing poetry is the peer-review process.  The down-side is that most of your readers are going to be poets who are likely to be more interested in getting you to read their stuff than in reading yours.


An increasing number of resources are available to poets, aspiring poets, and lovers of poetry online.  The Library of Congress has an impressive list of poetry resources, here, as does


For those wanting to fund your poetic hobby, "commissioned poetry," or writing poetry for events like weddings and memorials, can be a good way to do this.  For examples of how some poets are doing this, search "commissioned poetry."  You might also consider publishing your own greeting cards, on a site like Cafe Press.


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