Posted on July 29, 2011 by Jennifer Pointer

While I've written previously that you cannot (and probably never will be able to) see who is viewing your profile on Facebook (the apps that promise show you this information are scams and spams), I just discovered today that you CAN see who is viewing your profile on the professional networking site, LinkedIN.


Yes, seriously.


It's actually a feature of the site (not an app), and if anyone has viewed your profile in the last 90 days, you'll see the option in the lower right-hand column of your profile page, under "Who's Viewed Your Profile."


You'll have to at least temporarily change your settings to let other see when you have viewed their profile (you can always change it back) to view the stats, but it's quite interesting.  Because this network is geared more toward professional networking and career development, this is less of a feature to figure out who's "stalking" you (because this isn't where stalkers are likely to be doing that), and more of a feature to figure out how much interest you are drawing from whichever network you are trying to generate interest in.


From the "about page" on this feature:


There are three different ways we show info on who's viewed your profile, based on the profile viewer's privacy settings:


  • Name and headline.
  • Anonymous profile characteristics such as industry and title.
  • Anonymous LinkedIn user.

It's very interesting.  I had more people checking out my professional profile than I would have imagined, considering I have not been active on LinkedIN for awhile.  It actually inspired me to make some updates. 


Go ahead - check it out - see who's viewing your profile!

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