Posted on September 19, 2019 by Leslie Brewer

Hands_writing__paper_pen_laptopThe market for B2B e-commerce is booming. Regardless of industry, companies rely on other organizations to provide the services and products to their customers. This relationship between businesses is ripe with opportunity – after all, e-commerce sales can be made more efficiently and more profitably when a custom app is used. The added convenience of placing orders online is the icing on top for busy entrepreneurs. 

Of course, there are challenges to face when marketing to businesses instead of the end consumer. Business owners think differently when making decisions for their organizations, which requires a more complex sales approach. With stiff competition waiting in the wings, relationships with prospective clients become more important than ever before. 

In order to nurture those relationships and stay a step ahead of your competitors, you’ll want to invest in a custom application for your B2B e-commerce business. Here’s why:

Unique Challenges Demand Unique Solutions

The beauty of a custom app is that it’s designed with the exact needs of the client in mind. Say you’re supplying customer support services for online clothing boutiques. While a store could select an off-the-shelf style package that solves some of their challenges, they’re more likely to go with the company that offers specific solutions to their specific issues. Designing a custom app that features both front and back-end support for business owners as well as their customers is sure to put you ahead of your competition.

Streamline the Orders, Streamline the Business

In order to stay competitive, online retailers demand fast shipping and constant restocks. Lost shipments and delayed orders are a recipe for disaster for any business, but when an online boutique is operating on the thinnest margins possible, the impact is even greater. Custom app development is the solution. Automated tools help busy entrepreneurs track warehouse inventory, make purchases from production facilities, and ensure deliveries are made on time. The oversight of the process is second to none. 

Order fulfillment challenges occur in virtually every industry, but the pressure is felt even more intensely by online retailers. Save your customers time, money and stress by offering a custom app to track every step in the supply chain. It’s never been easier to streamline the process or to stay abreast of progress.

It’s All In The Details

When a customer orders a t-shirt from an online boutique, they expect a quality piece of clothing delivered on time. Simply delivering on this expectation, however, won’t earn much repeat business. In order to win the business of brand-loyal customers, you’ll need to gather as much information about them – and the process they go through when shopping – to entice them back to the site.

This is where a custom B2B e-commerce app can come into play. Such a tool can collect valuable data on the customers ordering from the boutique. Stakeholders can then use these insights to make marketing decisions and develop more informed sales strategies. Generic software doesn’t typically offer such tools.

If you’re hoping to make your e-commerce business more efficient, WebRevelation can help. We pride ourselves on taking your company to the next level – find out how we can support your goals by contacting us now at 817-283-3324 or fill out a form online.

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